MissDefiant Unveil Debut Album On 08.09.17 Plus Headline Show


Rising electro pop duo MissDefiant announce the release of their much anticipated debut album, dropping officially on September 8th 2017 across all streaming services. The album was co-written by MissDefiant girls Jordan and Emily and produced by Mike Tournier, producer and silent member of the band.

After releasing ten singles over the last two years, MissDefiant's online following are eagerly awaiting their new material. Expect catchy melodies, sky high energy and lyrics inspired by their experiences. Contemporary cyber living is a running theme throughout the album with MissDefiant expressing their opinions on relationships, drugs, politics and parties. The A side has an electro pop sound, while the B side comprises a contrast of chilled out acoustic versions and fist pumping club remixes. To celebrate the release MissDefiant will be headlining at Thousand Island in London on 8th September.

About MissDefiant

Since launching in April of 2015, MissDefiant have created an online storm around their catchy music, fun content and engaging social media posts. The girls influences include Lady Gaga, Die Antwoord, FKA Twigs and Charli XCX. MissDefiant are creating their own infectious and unique sound and are also making their mark in the fashion industry with their distinct and eye-catching fashion sense. Collaborating with fashion and make-up brands, they received a social media sponsorship from MAC Cosmetics due to their growing popularity on Twitter and Instagram and are also collaborating with many other brands including The Rodnik Band, Ex Mermaid, YRU, INU INU, Rosa Bloom and Glitter Lips. Some of MissDefiant's recent press includes write-ups in Yahoo, Get West, Ealing Time and features in Debut Magazine and WUN Magazine. MissDefiant have performed at prestigious music venues including KOKO supporting LMFAO's Redfoo, The O2 Academy, The Brixton Jamm and have headlined at The Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and The Camden Assembly. They’ve also been involved with schools in London raising awareness around cyber bullying alongside the release of one of their singles 'Fairytale'.

About Mike Tournier

Mike Tournier, brings musical experience to the girls raw and electric sound, having previously helmed bands Fluke and Syntax. Fluke's first release was in 1989, with their music being featured on soundtracks to Tomb Raider and Sin City 1 and 2. When signed to Virgin, Fluke released 6 albums, performed at Glastonbury and toured with David Bowie and Prodigy. He then went on to start Syntax in 2000, signing to Sony in 2002 which made music that featured on soundtracks to The OC, Nip Tuck, Bones, Conviction, Driver 3 and the In Time trailer. His highlights of Syntax were appearing on Top of the Pops and touring with the Scissor Sisters. Mike enjoys working with Emily and Jordan who hope to emulate the success of bands that Mike has remixed in the past like the Rolling Stones, Bjork, Smashing pumpkins, New Order, Talk Talk, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Yellow and Simple Minds. 

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Track List

5.Ear Candy
6.Messed Up
8.Social Media
9.Venus & Mars
10.Boy Q
11.Without You
13.Mess With You
14. Innocent

B Side

1.YCSWU (Remix)
2.Ear Candy (Humbringer Remix)
3.Candy (Feat. Rey Reel)
4.Ear Candy (Rainmaker Remix)
5.Messed Up (Remix)
6.133T (Live Acoustic)
7.Calculator (Live Acoustic)
8.Calculator (Hectic Remix)
9.ICYMI (Humbringer Remix)
10.ICYMI (Escence Remix)
11.Venus & Mars (Morah Remix)

Track Previews

(Not For Public Release)





Ear Candy

Messed Up


Social Media

Venus & Mars

Boy Q

Without You


Mess With You



Interview Questions

What can we expect from your debut album?

"With the album we wanted to express our opinions on modern day relationships, social media, drugs etc whilst keeping our electro sound and energy. It's a unique and fun album that we hope our fans will be able to relate to on many levels".

Do you have personal stories in the album?
"Yes, loads! We tried to veer away from just writing about heartbreak. We both moved to London at the age of 16 and had to grow up really quickly, so we've added in some of our early experiences and stories of interesting people we've met along the way."

How is it being unsigned?

"We've embraced being unsigned, it hasn't been easy all of the time but we always like to make the most of what we have. The hardest bit is when we're planning our music videos and have all of these extravagant ideas about what we want included and can't afford it! We've had to be really hands on which means we've learnt a lot about the music industry as a whole. Our hustling skills have definitely improved too!"

How would you describe your live set?

"We like to make sure every person is buzzing off our energy, so its super energetic, with awesome live sounds and lots of dancing. "

What made you want to release a b-side to the album?

"We've released a lot of 3-track singles showing a different side to the original songs, it's such a fun experience trying to turn our electro tracks into an acoustic sounding song. They often end up completely different to the original. It's nice to be able to show a different side to our music and we like to think with the album and b-side there's something there for everyone."

What's been your highlights in the band so far?

"Performing at KOKO was amazing! We opened for LMFAO's Redfoo & The Party Rock Crew last year. The sound system was awesome and the audience were super fun. The after party wasn't bad either! 😉 "

"We led anti-cyberbullying workshops in London and loved being able to help young people. It would be great to do more of that."

"We've also done some pretty cool shoots. A recent one with The Rodnik Band was pretty cool in East London, shooting in a gallery which looks like a spaceship!"

What's your plans for the next year?

"We'd love to tour with our album material and play at some mega festivals!!"